Design Process

Hello so today we are talking about our design process.

So here is how it works! 

Step 1

After our initial phone consultation with our client we will schedule our meeting,upon which we will discuss your vision of an upcoming project. We will ask a series of questions which will help us to determine a full scope of potential Design project. In our initial meeting we will also discuss budget,our Design process, our fees, timeline expectations and any additional questions that clients might have.

Step 2

Step 2

Contract and design development 

In this step we will sign contract with our clients which outlines scope of our design service and collect agreed upon retainer. Now our knowledge and creativity is put to work!

We usually ask our clients to be patient next three weeks for a whole house project or five to ten days for a one space if otherwise is not agreed at the initial meeting. In this period we will set up various meetings with builders, tradesmen and Architect if needed. We will as well diligently work on the creative part of our clients Design project to develop it according to their  wishes, aspirations and budget given to us.



Step 3  Design Presentation  

Step 3

Design Presentation  

So the big moment is here! 

In this phase we will schedule a meeting with our clients to present our design concept . 

We present our project using inspiration boards ,research photos ,floorplans, furniture space planning plans, materials that we will use, fabric samples and 3D plans if needed. At this time we will also answer any additional questions that our clients  might have and address any concerns.  

This step is the most important in the whole process! We encourage our clients to give us their honest feedback so we can adjust our Design to their liking. At this time after answering all of the questions and concerns clients will give us green light so we can proceed with our Design project.



Step 4

Design  Journey  

Now having client’s approval we will put all of our design ideas in motion. We will set up construction schedule, order materials and finishes. Our team will coordinate furnishings make ,order and installation. Throughout this process we will make sure that all the elements of our Design project are being done according to our specifications and in a timely manner. 

Step 3  


In this final step we will coordinate delivery  so furnishings can be brought from warehouse ,drapery to be installed, art to be hung and accessories to be juxtaposition.

Once Installation is completed we will have a final walk through with our clients making sure that everything is as they imagined it to be and at this time we will resolve any last concerns that our clients might have . 

Also at this time we will set up a photo shoot session and ask for a referral from our happy 😃 clients.